Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Go Camping!

Our 2nd Camp-Friendzy challenge is up - hosted by yours truly! You know you want to earn your Campfire Songs badge!

You can't go to camp without learning all the fun songs! Our favorite is to do "Singin' In the Rain" during Rec and for the Rec leader to soak the kids with the hose!

So this challenge is simple - you must use your favorite song (or lyrics) on your LO - it does not need to be a camp song! My current favorite song - much to the dismay of my BF and son is "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus - I know... I can't explain why but it is! Here is the page I made of DH and DS at a Superbowl Party - how much more American can you get than a football party!

All LOs must new for this challenge - then post them in the Scrap-Friendzy gallery and link them back here! If you complete this challenge by Sunday June 24th at midnight you will be entered to win this weeks Camp prize!

Make sure you post in the "Badge Me Baby" post to let us know you earned your Campfire Songs badge because the "Camper Of The Year" will be determined by who has the most badges by midnight on Sunday, August 19th OR in case of a tie, we will do a random draw.

So go dig out your Ipod - pick your favorite song and get scrappin!

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